Banryu is a company dedicated to building brands that bring out the uniqueness of the organization and developing content that creates culture in society.

A brand holds meaning for people and also embodies the will of an organization. It is a blueprint for all of its activities and serves as an actionable guideline to inspire its members. It is a unifying force and a north star to strive for.

Banryu offers a variety of solutions and creations all derived from the brand’s vision. From launching and refreshing brands, creating ideas for new categories of business, products and services, to strategic planning for marketing and communication, as well as developing creative and content.

Our mission is to embrace diversity. We help to foster unique organizations and bring about beautiful, intriguing and interesting phenomena.

Seeking uniqueness that unlocks culture and diversity.


Brand Design / Innovation Design

We help build strong brands. Our expertise includes designing, launching and refreshing brands, developing ideas for new categories of business/products/services, and developing both strategy and creative.


Content Creation

Coming soon. We are preparing to work on projects that focus on media and products, as well as art and culture to help more creative expressions flourish in the world.


Banryu inc.

Founded on June 18, 2019
3-3-11 Aobadai, Meguro-ku, Tokyo
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Kei Fujieda

Representative, Banryu
Brand Strategist, Facilitator, Innovation Planner
After graduating from Doshisha University, Faculty of Letters with a major in English literature, and then Graduate School of Media Design (KMD), Keio University, Kei worked as a strategic planner at the Tokyo Office of Wieden + Kennedy, the world’s largest independent creative agency. He experienced numerous projects that focused on strategic planning and concept development for brand communication as well as design research to gain an in-depth insight into people, in a wide variety of areas including sports, food, airline, accommodation and jewelry.
Then he moved on to join a strategy design firm, Biotope, during its launch phase, and worked on projects to develop concepts/ideas for new brand categories, create ideas for future social planning, and enhance creativity within organizations.
His experience includes not only the development and proposal of ideas, but also a wide variety of co-creation projects involving facilitation and workshops. He went freelance in 2018 and founded Banryu in 2019.