Banryu divides each project into the following three phases and flexibly adapts the team, process and thinking.

Because social context changes often and makes it difficult to set objectives and conditions today, it is often important to spend ample time on Phase 1.

Once we gather enough information to set criteria for judgment, we can smoothly move on to Phase 2 and 3 to quickly bring ideas to life.


When we start out, various elements are uncertain and prone to change.

We begin by gathering information by interviewing people concerned and prompting conversations among them, and conducting research and/or prototyping to have a broader perspective.

In the second phase, we have set objectives already and started to gather ideas and plans.

We define criteria for judgment, set priorities to eliminate unnecessary perspectives, and improve the quality of the ideas/plans.

In the final phase we bring ideas/plans to life.

We clarify the goals and assign appropriate team members to swiftly bring ideas/plans to life.


To launch or refresh a brand, we use the Brand Blueprint, a framework that allows us to design a brand while considering various elements of the brand with a broad perspective.

This framework consists of the following five perspectives (that can be broken down into twelve smaller elements):

1. Company and
2. Customer-related
3. Direct/potential
4. Macro/micro trends
5. Core elements that connect all

When discussing a brand, vague definitions of terms can make discussions complicated, and an abstract corporate philosophy makes it difficult to develop a strategy or clear actions. At Banryu, we believe that having a common language and specific guiding principles is a foundational building block for a brand to function. The Brand Blueprint lets us create that foundation and brings many other benefits.

There are five key benefits to using the Brand Blueprint:

1. It establishes a common language for the organization and streamlines communication.

2. The corporate philosophy serves as criteria for judgement and guidelines for action, which helps facilitate strategy and action.

3. It forms a broad perspective for brand building and improves consistency of all elements.

4. It clarifies points of discussion and allows everyone from top management to frontline staff to engage proactively.

5. It allows team members to broaden their perspective and gives new meaning to their daily tasks. Please contact us for details.

Please contact us for details.



Our expertise in brand design and innovation design can be divided into the following four categories. We offer value to our clients by combining them based on the objective and situation.

Create the core

We launch or revamp brands based on the Brand Blueprint. We start by defining a common language and help to streamline communication.

  • − Launch or revamp a corporate brand
  • − Launch or revamp product/service brands
  • − Strengthen a startup brand


Develop a strategy

We outline a clear path that leads to action with clearly defined objective/goal/resources.

  • − Develop a marketing strategy
  • − Build a communication strategy and develop creative content
  • − Conduct customer research


Draw up ideas for new categories

We grasp changes and signs of new phenomena both in and outside of Japan and come up with ideas for new categories of business/products/ services with in-depth insight into people.

  • − Develop ideas for new categories of business/products/services
  • − Monitor cultural changes and signs of new phenomena to provide insight into where society is heading.


Extract and create

We extract perspectives and ideas, and then organize and visualize them to make the pursuit of creativity intuitive that builds momentum and consensus.

  • − Introduce the process of facilitation (extraction,  visualization, consensus-building, creation) in a variety of projects
  • − Design and run projects to improve unity of the  organization and enhance creativity
  • − Conduct workshops for talent development